Tanned right arm

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For a time, back in 1970/ 80's I drove trucks from Lancaster into other Countries, They included, Eire and much of mainland Europe. France, Belgium, Luxembourg ,Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy.

When queuing for the customs it was often easy to spot another British driver because the right arm was browner than the left. Not always but often. The common assumption that we all drove along with our arm resting on the door certainly wasnt true on the vehicles I drove, As the gap between the seat and the door was too big to do that in any comfort.

However it was fair to say the Sun was stronger that was usual in the North West of England and you could find yourself driving for many miles with the sun beaming through the glass and burning your right arm.

Little thought was given back then to sun block cremes or factor 30 etc. A few years ago, I noticed the odd hard bit of skin on the back of my hand, I didn't give much thought to it, but over time it got bigger, and sometimes it would itch, One day, I must have scratched it in my sleep and I woke to a small amount of blood on my arm and a large scab. So I went to the Doc, who sent me to the skin specialist, Who then took a biopsy to test for skin cancer.

I didnt expect him to take such a large piece of skin for a sample. Anyway, I am awaiting the results, The picture is my arm healing and the stitches are to be taken out in a few days. I suppose the moral is use sun block, Although that is really Horses and stable doors for me. I plan to update..... my right arm