Facebook and meta

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I have been seeing loads of stuff promoting AI. Some is scary stuff. Even to the CEO of Zoom talking of creating an AI clone to attend meetings for you, while you sit at home relaxing. This clone will take decisions for you based on saved data about you, your preferences and previous actions.

However, AI will go beyond that, and scrape or use data from other people to create content. Little reference to accuracy, just what others wrote or posted about a specific topic.

There is an update from Meta telling Facebook users their content is now going to be used for AI from June the 26th.

I tried to avoid joining Facebook for many years, due mostly to the crap that was on it, Now I find myself having to use it or being unable to contact some businesses as many have dropped the website that was viewable by anyone with no account needed to view and settled for a social media that requires a user account simply to view the page.

By the way, if you want a social media app viewable by anyone without a sign in, try Mastodon. https://social.vivaldi.net/@stannard

So I think I am going to close my Facebook account and delete as much content as I am able before that date.

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