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A little test with a poster

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This is a poster for a PSA testing event in Barrow. If you have a prostate, it may be worth you attending. Small deposit to try to elimminate time waster.

Jingling Lane

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In a town near me, there is a delightfully named Jingling Lane Along which is a little piece of street art. It is the little things that brighten the day , dontcha think ? enter image description here

Thursday the 8th of Feb

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think I will stay indoors Thankfully this was up the tops and not a road that I would travel along given the weather forcast. I hope they got out..

February 2024.

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I like this script, Although I use others, this works nicely for me, So I managed an update, which gave me the idea that it is still being maintained, But after three attempts at extracting to another server... Well it all went to porridge,or was it Sausage... Need to have a clear out of redundant files and see if I can get a clean install. In the meantime enjoy your day,

The QR is a link to the contact info for The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group.....Trips off the tongue nicely dunnit.

Bay Group QR

The Post Office Scandal.

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Seen on ArsTechnica

enter image description here

Link to article https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/01/fujitsu-bugs-that-sent-innocent-people-to-prison-were-known-from-the-start/?utm_brand=arstechnica&utm_social-type=owned

The snow plough

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Seen elsewhere

enter image description here Love this !

January 24.

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My Cousin's birthday treat thing, we had a night away with family at the Midland Hotel, Morecambe.

It was very nice, staff, food and the place. Probably add some more pics, just need to resize some. But to keep you going, the first is the iconic statue of Eric Morecambe, the second is the bed, Seems it isn't just me that thinks "bra and pants "

Eric Our Eric.

The Bed Bra and pants ?

December and Humbugs

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Started to run a few back ups with plans to migrate to another server and noticed some quirky issues. I hear the developer is not continuing to support this script, which is a shame as I like it !

Update ! There is an update, so this script is supported. This is now updated and I am checking the img refs. Seems absolute refs are not a good idea if you plan to move a site. !

Constant tweeking going on.

Tis I, Dear reader, Dont be alarmed

A first post over here

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Playing with this script, It may last a while, Then again...? The picture is me in Lagos, Portugal. Tim on a bench Having swapped servers and domains some of the image references will be wrong, Sorry... Working my way through and updating them.

Hope to keep this updated, But fair to say, We have heard that before.

The return of the Stones

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During lockdown painted stones began to appear around the village, What was nice was people left them alone.

Now some new ones have started to appear.

I just love this sort of thing. enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I hope this starts a trend.

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