The Olden Days

When my Granddaughter was small and needed someone to sit beside her bed while she went to sleep, She said to me, " Grandad, Were you in the olden days "? So I have a category for olden pictures, A bit random, Some very, like me and some not so.

Truck driving days ( Bromley )

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Driving Days : One of my first driving jobs many years ago was for Bromley transport. Back in the days of A B and C licences, The office / workshop was on Southlands road Bromley, South London. At the top of the road, on the junction of the A21 was a big pub, Cant remember the name of it, Most drivers would go for a pint on Saturday Lunch time before going home. Our boss , The owner, would sometimes call in to the Saloon bar with his mates. You could see from one bar into the other. One Christmas eve, we were all in the bar having a pint or three, Roger,one of our drivers was late into the pub. Anyway, he opens his pay packet and says to everyone, hey I got a Christmas bonus. Quick as you like Dave , another driver says, how much did you get? Roger says Ten quid. Dave says, that's funny, we all got Twenty ! I bet it is because you backed into that tree last week. So we all nod and try to look serious. (Actually we all got ten.) Roger sits and stews about how unfairly he had been treated. Just then the Boss walked into the saloon bar, Roger jumps up, walks into the saloon bar and has a go at the boss for being mean and only giving him ten quid. After listening to Roger, the Boss, turns so we can all see him and says in a loud voice, Your right Roger, I am sorry, Here is the other tenner, have a nice Christmas lads.

Old stuff

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Some years back my granddaughter asked me , " Granddad, Were you in the olden days " To a certain extent, I was. So I thought I would add an " Olden days " section. ( Work in Progress though ) The image is a musical Birthday card, It was given to me on my 5th Birthday in 1950. It still works, held together with sellotape and love.

Birthday Jingle