Jingling Lane

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In a town near me, there is a delightfully named Jingling Lane Along which is a little piece of street art. It is the little things that brighten the day , dontcha think ? enter image description here

A bit of an intro

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This domain was used for my business , but things have moved on, So i am using it for a fragmented blog. By that I mean it is mainly the ramblings of an old geezer.

If you arrived here from a link on Mastodon, Then expect to find longer posts than my masto account allows.

If you found one of my company pens and linked from that, I apologise, as it probably doesn't work, I bought a fun pack from a pen company, 500 of them and NONE of them worked. There are refills around that will fit, often to be found in other peoples pens.. NOT that I am suggesting you nick someone's pen to use in mine. Although you have to admit mine look pretty classy, Whats that ? You want a pen that works ? Picky sods.

Me?, Old bloke, Father and Grandfather. Whisky drinker. Proud as punch of my kids and grandkids, They have all grown up to be great in spite of me 😅

I like fresh ground old brown java, spicy food and chips. That about covers it.

Lastly, I have not included a comments option, If you feel the urge to make an observation on something I have posted, You will just have to control yourself. Fair to say, I can be contacted via a variety of messenger services, xmpp is nice , A few others will be mentioned elsewhere in this blog Some I answer quickly, some I don't.

Just me

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An intro post, Who am I, ( as if you care ) and why I write this drivel. Obviously there is content to come.

My View

Thursday the 8th of Feb

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think I will stay indoors Thankfully this was up the tops and not a road that I would travel along given the weather forcast. I hope they got out..

February 2024.

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I like this script, Although I use others, this works nicely for me, So I managed an update, which gave me the idea that it is still being maintained, But after three attempts at extracting to another server... Well it all went to porridge,or was it Sausage... Need to have a clear out of redundant files and see if I can get a clean install. In the meantime enjoy your day,

The QR is a link to the contact info for The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group.....Trips off the tongue nicely dunnit.

Bay Group QR