Tanned right arm

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For a time, back in 1970/ 80's I drove trucks from Lancaster into other Countries, They included, Eire and much of mainland Europe. France, Belgium, Luxembourg ,Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy.

When queuing for the customs it was often easy to spot another British driver because the right arm was browner than the left. Not always but often. The common assumption that we all drove along with our arm resting on the door certainly wasnt true on the vehicles I drove, As the gap between the seat and the door was too big to do that in any comfort.

However it was fair to say the Sun was stronger that was usual in the North West of England and you could find yourself driving for many miles with the sun beaming through the glass and burning your right arm.

Little thought was given back then to sun block cremes or factor 30 etc. A few years ago, I noticed the odd hard bit of skin on the back of my hand, I didn't give much thought to it, but over time it got bigger, and sometimes it would itch, One day, I must have scratched it in my sleep and I woke to a small amount of blood on my arm and a large scab. So I went to the Doc, who sent me to the skin specialist, Who then took a biopsy to test for skin cancer.

I didnt expect him to take such a large piece of skin for a sample. Anyway, I am awaiting the results, The picture is my arm healing and the stitches are to be taken out in a few days. I suppose the moral is use sun block, Although that is really Horses and stable doors for me. I plan to update..... my right arm

Truck driving days ( Bromley )

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Driving Days : One of my first driving jobs many years ago was for Bromley transport. Back in the days of A B and C licences, The office / workshop was on Southlands road Bromley, South London. At the top of the road, on the junction of the A21 was a big pub, Cant remember the name of it, Most drivers would go for a pint on Saturday Lunch time before going home. Our boss , The owner, would sometimes call in to the Saloon bar with his mates. You could see from one bar into the other. One Christmas eve, we were all in the bar having a pint or three, Roger,one of our drivers was late into the pub. Anyway, he opens his pay packet and says to everyone, hey I got a Christmas bonus. Quick as you like Dave , another driver says, how much did you get? Roger says Ten quid. Dave says, that's funny, we all got Twenty ! I bet it is because you backed into that tree last week. So we all nod and try to look serious. (Actually we all got ten.) Roger sits and stews about how unfairly he had been treated. Just then the Boss walked into the saloon bar, Roger jumps up, walks into the saloon bar and has a go at the boss for being mean and only giving him ten quid. After listening to Roger, the Boss, turns so we can all see him and says in a loud voice, Your right Roger, I am sorry, Here is the other tenner, have a nice Christmas lads.

A little test with a poster

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This is a poster for a PSA testing event in Barrow. If you have a prostate, it may be worth you attending. Small deposit to try to elimminate time waster.

Jingling Lane

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In a town near me, there is a delightfully named Jingling Lane Along which is a little piece of street art. It is the little things that brighten the day , dontcha think ? enter image description here

A bit of an intro

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This domain was used for my business , but things have moved on, So i am using it for a fragmented blog. By that I mean it is mainly the ramblings of an old geezer.

If you arrived here from a link on Mastodon, Then expect to find longer posts than my masto account allows.

If you found one of my company pens and linked from that, I apologise, as it probably doesn't work, I bought a fun pack from a pen company, 500 of them and NONE of them worked. There are refills around that will fit, often to be found in other peoples pens.. NOT that I am suggesting you nick someone's pen to use in mine. Although you have to admit mine look pretty classy, Whats that ? You want a pen that works ? Picky sods.

Me?, Old bloke, Father and Grandfather. Whisky drinker. Proud as punch of my kids and grandkids, They have all grown up to be great in spite of me 😅

I like fresh ground old brown java, spicy food and chips. That about covers it.

Lastly, I have not included a comments option, If you feel the urge to make an observation on something I have posted, You will just have to control yourself. Fair to say, I can be contacted via a variety of messenger services, xmpp is nice , A few others will be mentioned elsewhere in this blog Some I answer quickly, some I don't.

Just me

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An intro post, Who am I, ( as if you care ) and why I write this drivel. Obviously there is content to come.

My View

Thursday the 8th of Feb

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think I will stay indoors Thankfully this was up the tops and not a road that I would travel along given the weather forcast. I hope they got out..

February 2024.

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I like this script, Although I use others, this works nicely for me, So I managed an update, which gave me the idea that it is still being maintained, But after three attempts at extracting to another server... Well it all went to porridge,or was it Sausage... Need to have a clear out of redundant files and see if I can get a clean install. In the meantime enjoy your day,

The QR is a link to the contact info for The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group.....Trips off the tongue nicely dunnit.

Bay Group QR

The Post Office Scandal.

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Seen on ArsTechnica

enter image description here

Link to article https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/01/fujitsu-bugs-that-sent-innocent-people-to-prison-were-known-from-the-start/?utm_brand=arstechnica&utm_social-type=owned

The snow plough

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Seen elsewhere

enter image description here Love this !

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