My mate Trevor.

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Some years ago, I moved from Slough down to a village near Sevenoaks in Kent.

One of the guys I used to meet in the Pub was Trevor. He lived quite close to me and sometimes we would stagger home together. We got on well and became good friends.

One evening in the pub Trevor ran out of money, So I lent him ten bob. ( Ten Shillings ) 50pence in todays money. (in the days when the UK used real money where 20 shillings made a pound). In due course, he paid me back. One afternoon, I ran out of money ,Trevor lent me ten bob. Over the months and years, This ten bob note bounced back and forth between us until neither of us knew who owed whom ten bob. I think it became a bit of a laugh, Just for fun. Trevor moved to Canada and we would keep in touch two or three times a year by email or a phone call.

Trevor began signing off his emails with " You got my ten bob ?"
I went online and bought a Ten Shilling note, Fully intending to post it to him. However, about that time, Trevor changed his address and took to drugs, The emails became fewer and phone calls stopped. Then I got messages to say he was clean and had been so for a few years. Then we lost contact, I managed to find his daughter via social media, She told me Trevor died in January this year 2023,
I shall miss him but I still have the ten bob note as a reminder.

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