Tom Baker

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Seen on Mastodon, Nothing to add !

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Party. time

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Out with the gang to a party. Masque Ball. ish. Good music, great food and too much alcohol.

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Absence .... October flew by

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I just realised that I slept through last month, Well. Not really, but I should try and post more frequently.

Therefore in no particular or chronological order, I will add a picture and try to tell you about it.

Breakfast on October the first Breakfast on the first of October.

My Cousin from up north called for a couple of days, Sadly he was off the whisky, so I had to drink it all myself. Drove out to a place called Knot End where there is a ferry across to Fleetwood. Wandered around and found a chippy. I had Currywurst and chips , the others had fish n chips.

No picture of either, My find some and resize for this. mebee.

We also went back to Conishead Priory, Lovely place, Peaceful and calming woodland with nice little touches, One of which was this plaque on a bench. enter image description here The inscription is Anita Louise, Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. Loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

I thought that was so sweet.! However, we went at the weekend, The workd and his granny were there with their dogs,. running around, off the leads and poo a plenty, I thought I had arrived at bloody Crufts.

The Boss had to go for an eye test in town, Just across from the opticians is a little Turkish bistro, with some tables outside, So I ordered espresso and waited for the boss. A lovely waitress brought out my coffee with a side of turkish delight. enter image description here

On the way back to the carpark, we stopped at the Borough for some lunch. I ordered a small selection of lite bites, Tapas style, Or so I thought. It was more than I expected. enter image description here