A bit of an intro

This domain was used for my business , but things have moved on, So i am using it for a fragmented blog. By that I mean it is mainly the ramblings of an old geezer.

If you arrived here from a link on Mastodon, Then expect to find longer posts than my masto account allows.

If you found one of my company pens and linked from that, I apologise, as it probably doesn't work, I bought a fun pack from a pen company, 500 of them and NONE of them worked. There are refills around that will fit, often to be found in other peoples pens.. NOT that I am suggesting you nick someone's pen to use in mine. Although you have to admit mine look pretty classy, Whats that ? You want a pen that works ? Picky sods.

Me?, Old bloke, Father and Grandfather. Whisky drinker. Proud as punch of my kids and grandkids, They have all grown up to be great in spite of me 😅

I like fresh ground old brown java, spicy food and chips. That about covers it.

Lastly, I have not included a comments option, If you feel the urge to make an observation on something I have posted, You will just have to control yourself. Fair to say, I can be contacted via a variety of messenger services, xmpp is nice , A few others will be mentioned elsewhere in this blog Some I answer quickly, some I don't.